Sunday, March 22, 2009

my CVS scores

Well here are my scores from cvs today
schick quatro razor 8.99
crest enamel wash 3.49
glade car freshener 2.34
mt dew diet 1.59
coupons. .75
coupon 4.00
cvs extra bucks 9.00
total out of pocket 3.10

plus i got 6.49 in extra bucks and 2 other coupons :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is almost here...

And it tomorrow!! As is my little brother's birthday. We are home and still recovering from our trip to Phoenix for hubby's grandmother's funeral. It was my first flight and I guess it went okay except for getting the flu while there. So on my return flight I had an ear infection and was in tears. Plus 2 days in a week of staying up for 30 hours +. But at least we are home safe and sound. I also did well on my midterms so that was a major plus. The Mr. and I worked outside yesterday cleaning the yard and played with the horses and dogs. So that made the past few weeks start to fade away. I've come up with a new game plan to get myself to blog. I'm making blogger my home page at work so that it will be there staring at me during my workweek! I hope all are well!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yes I'm still here

We it's now march and I'm just now posting. It has been crazy at home. In January we had the neighbors tree fall and pulled out our electric. We were without power for several days and had quite a bit of damage to our home. Flash forward about a week and a half and we were without power again from the ice storm. School has me on my toes and I'm usually got my head stuck in a book. It is now midterms and I'm studing like a mad woman. I've got three test's this week and am worried about 2/3. (Phisiology and Chemistry)

Next week is Spring Break and the hubby and I look to be headed to Arkansas. This will be to visit a family member in Jonesboro. I'm exicted but not due to nothing fun to stop at between here and there. But it will be good for us to get away since we've not done anything since our wedding. Another thing I've been doing is couponing like crazy. I've found so many great blogs that have helped me. So far my best has been 30 bags of Green Giant Steamers for $.20!!! If you're interested in learning more let me know and I can start sharing my deals and hook you up with these other bloggers. I hope all are well!