Monday, February 28, 2011

Cooking crazy

Try this for dinner Pancetta and Leeks!

Run don't walk to the store to get these ingredients, you will be so glad that you did and will love Pioneer Woman for it!

Next up the not so winners but still they turned out ok
Devil Dogs
I made this in a sheet cake version only the cake was so so not bad but not what I was expecting and the frosting was ok but since I don't have a whisk attachment on my mixer I don't think the texture turned out right.

I also made Creamy chicken spaghetti casserole this also was an ok recipe the best part was the spaghetti being cooked in chicken broth. The flavor was great it also reheats well but I didn't really see it being creamy.

Another winner was Martha Stewart's  Spinach bacon and onion dip very yummy and made enough to take to a party, but I ended up reheating it the next day.