Saturday, May 16, 2009

When it rains it pours.....

Last night the dog child started getting sick. I'll spare you the details but trust me ickys! Anyways said child is now at the 24 hour vet clinic being treated for Pancreatitis. I don't know what she's gotten into just hoping she's better in the morning. After I get off work tonight I'm going to run by and check on her. And as my luck goes our boarders horse was lame yesterday. Well after my vet run this morning come to the barn and he's bleeding from lame leg. Grr! She's on vacation out of town and I'm trying to get him feeling better. But on a good note one of our close friends had her baby yesterday, he's only 4lbs 15oz but he's a cutie! Kinda makes me start wanting one lol.....

Friday, May 15, 2009

What a long time

Well it's been over a month and apparently I can't stick with my idea to post more often. So much has been going on here, I finished my spring semester and about to start summer classes. (Yipee Math and Microbiology!) This past week I have been off from work on "vacation" aka work on the house week. We have gotten so much done! My bedroom floors have been sanded and we are close to being able to poly the floors. My husband's firefighter co-workers were here yesterday. They got the electric in the kitchen done. We have about 2 more full workdays before the cabinets will be hung and we can get countertops! They really helped a bunch. Also last week I signed on as a consultant for Longaberger. I figure I can try to build it as a business as I'm a bit worried now about being laid off at work. Although it would help right now as school and work full time is beyond hectic.
If you are interested in checking out my longaberger site here is the link