Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One Down more to go

I was up till 7 am this morning putting this sucker up, (long story) let me know what you think, I'm still hunting for tree toppers and skirt. I'm also debateing if I should add some matte gold balls, and if I should pull the greenery out. This tree 9ft $50.00 Craigslist, 50 horse ornaments ebay $65.00 and the horns 30 on ebay for $16.00 plus the lights were 25% off at Lowes. More to come as the rooms get finished I think I've got 6 more at least lol. Also this is still in progress and the burgandy does not clash(except when you use a flash lol)


hip chick said...

You sound like a credit card commercial...LOL. Your tree is really pretty. I like the way you did the ribbons around it.

Lena said...

rofl thanks that's a new one credit card commercial.

Jamey said...

Very nice tree it is elegant looking.