Monday, April 6, 2009


What a blah day.. yesterday was 75 degrees today snow expected what is up with the weather!! I'm getting ready to leave work got worked into the dentist for a broken tooth. My fingers are crossed that I won't have to get another root canal. I have gotten some good news for school will just have to take 1 math class. So my plans for the summer will be math and microbiology yippee! Other than that got my tickets Saturday am for NKOTB at Riverbend on June 26th! I am beyond hyped as I have wanted to see them since I was a little girl. At this point my mom has offered to go with me unless I find someone who really wants to go with me lol. Oh and still in no kitchen hell I wish I had a friend that was an electrician who could come help with the hell that is my house. :)

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